People who should REALLY be using MegaMegaMonitor

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You know how I love to play with statistics and data mining. Well, I’ve been doing so, and I thought I’d share with you uber-elites some fun-but-pointless data I’ve been extracting: the names of the Redditors who’d probably most-benefit from MegaMegaMonitor, but who aren’t using it (based on how many tracked private subs they’re part of – note that some subs are tracked but don’t [yet] have icons…):

  1. /u/madazzahatter
  2. /u/outroversion
  3. /u/k_princess
  4. /u/prepetual_change, /u/mike_pants, and /u/rachycarebear
  5. /u/The1RGood, /u/AdrianBlake, /u/TheBlazingPhoenix, /u/troll9025, /u/dystopika, /u/vanityprojects, /u/DaveLambert, /u/preggit, and /u/Eat_The_Muffin
  6. /u/SkinBintin, /u/KnashDavis, /u/wil, /u/mrkleen340, /u/IpMedia, /u/nottychz, /u/drocks27, /u/thebobstu, /u/Karma_4_Free, /u/Mrs_Holman_7, /u/krixo, /u/S_Jeru, /u/Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo, /u/carmabound, /u/InvaderT, and /u/AndyWarwheels

I wonder if I should have some kind of referrals scheme, whereby people can claim credit for getting other people ‘hooked’ on MegaMegaMonitor. Or maybe just have a scoreboard of “who suggested it to whom”.

Or maybe I’m overthinking it all again.

Anyway: just wanted to share with you. I’m thinking of doing some statistics cross-referencing “highest MegaLounge” against “number of (tracked) private sub memberships”, because I’ll bet there’s a correlation there… and if there is, I’d be interested to see who the outliers are! /u/k_princess would probably be one, as she’s in lots of private subs but is only up to /r/MegaLoungeSaturn, somehow. /u/outroversion even more so, with a highest MegaLounge of /r/MegaLoungeRuby. But there’s always a lot we can learn from the outliers. And there must be outliers at the other extreme, too: people who are way up in the MegaLounges but aren’t in many other private subs: I wonder who they are?

This has been your insight into my mind, for today. Have a great week!


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