[Off-topic] I’ve made a tool that helps /r/MagicSecrets folks find one another.

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Please forgive the non-magic talk, but I wanted to share with you something I made recently. It’s a plugin you can install into your web browser that does this (pic).

What’s that? It’s a top hat and wand alongside the name of /r/MagicSecrets folks. It’s only visible to other /r/MagicSecrets folks, of course, but it’s visible from anywhere on Reddit. So you can instantly spot fellow magicians whether they’re hanging out on /r/AskReddit or just commenting on kitten pics on /r/aww.

What it’s especially useful for is spotting folks in e.g. /r/magic when the discussion gets close to something that should only be talked about in here. You instantly know whether you should say “let’s go talk about this in /r/MagicSecrets” or whether you should simply say “this isn’t the place to talk about this.” But honestly, these last few weeks I’ve mostly just been using it to give me a smile when I spot magicians elsewhere: like when I noticed /u/Jokers247 in /r/ImGoingToHellForThis earlier this week!

Want to try it? Instructions are over on /r/MegaMegaMonitor. Apologies again for the off-topic post.

Hi there. I’m /u/avapoet, and I made MegaMegaMonitor.

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I expect that there are many of you who would appreciate it (especially in its latest version), but haven’t heard about it yet. Basically, what it does is tells you:

  • What Mega*Lounge level people have reached (if they’re in the same or lower level than you), or that they’re higher if they’ve gotten higher than you. That’s really useful when you’re gilding people!
  • If you’re in one of a set of special secret subreddits (including the MegaLounge chain), it’ll help you to identify your (Mega!)-friends elsewhere on Reddit. It’s a great way to help build communities, because you’ll start “recognising” people that you’ve seen in the Megas (or… “elsewhere”) in the normal subs.

It’s a browser plugin that works on most desktop and some mobile platforms, and you can install it here. If you give it a go, let me know how you get on and come chat with the rest of us about it, over in /r/megamegamonitor.

MegaMegaMonitor version 87 released – faster updates, more subreddits, friendlier error messages

This self-post was originally posted to /r/MegaMegaMonitor. See more things from Dan's Reddit account.

There’s also a new numbering scheme, which will be necessary to help support the way in which new subreddits will be added to MegaMegaMonitor in future.


  • If you’ve already got it installed, it’ll probably update itself within a day or two. Or you can update it sooner by asking Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey to “check for userscript updates”.
  • If you’re new to MegaMegaMonitor (or if that didn’t work), instead go to https://danq.me/megamegamonitor/ and click the button to install it afresh.

New features

  • Doesn’t throw error messages if you try to use it while not logged-in at all.
  • Continues to work in your sock puppet accounts with the cached data from your primary account.
  • New “MMM” text in top-right corner (near your username). Hover over it to see if your data is up-to-date and refresh it if necessary (note that there’s a known bug where new installations say that it was updated “45 years ago”: probably an epoch problem but purely cosmetic).
  • Added /r/MagicSecrets, /r/gildeddrunk, /r/gildedtrees, and two extra-special secret subreddits to the icon list.
  • Added a feature that will show you an icon next to the usernames of other people who use MegaMegaMonitor.
  • Improved automatic data updates so that they’ll always be triggered when upgrading to a new version of MegaMegaMonitor, to reduce the future risk of ‘sync errors’.
  • 190% more unicorn meat.

Have fun, folks!