Archive for February, 2012

  • Full Stop

    22 February, 2012

    Dan's father was killed this weekend in a tragic accident.

  • The Course, Of Course

    18 February, 2012

    Dan talks a little about his counselling course, about one of the exercises he's enjoyed taking part in, and...

  • Valentine’s Day

    15 February, 2012

    How did you spend your Valentine's Day? Dan spent his with the people he loves the most, eating and...

  • Monogamy and Mathematics

    12 February, 2012

    Dan proposes an optimal solution for finding yourself the best partner for your monogamous relationship, using mathematics! He takes...

  • Argh! It Burns! Night 2012

    9 February, 2012

    The Earthlings celebrate their second Argh! It Burns! Night, with a meal of haggis, neeps, and tatties, lots of...

  • Touring Scotland

    6 February, 2012

    The week before last, Dan spent driving around Scotland: climbing, walking, drinking and laughing.

  • On This Day In 2011

    3 February, 2012

    As part of the On This Day series, Dan looks back over the last year that he's been running...

  • The Artist

    2 February, 2012

    Dan and Ruth go to the cinema to see The Artist, and Dan shares his thoughts on it.