Archive for September, 2011

  • QR Codes of the Bodleian

    30 September, 2011

    For the Bodleian Libraries' latest exhibition, Treasures of the Bodleian, Dan's produced some unusual QR codes to sit alongside...

  • The Queen’s Passport

    27 September, 2011

    Inside the front cover of Dan's passport is a note from the Queen, demanding that he be allowed to...

  • Ouch

    22 September, 2011

    For a few months now, Dan's been suffering from what his doctor is diagnosing this week as cluster headaches....

  • A Vintage Murder

    15 September, 2011

    Dan reviews the Earthlings' last Murder Mystery Night, a quiet affair entitled A Vintage Murder.

  • PromisQity

    11 September, 2011

    Dan discovers a vinyard whose name makes it sound like it was something he came up with.

  • Open-Source Shaving, part 2

    7 September, 2011

    Two years ago, Dan wrote about his journey from electric shavers (via disposable razors and a cartridge razor) to...

  • The Back Button

    3 September, 2011

    After reading about Torsion Pendulum Clocks on Wikipedia, Dan asks the immortal question of any Wikipedia-surfer: "how did I...