Googling For Suicide In The UK

I sent a letter to Google, today. Click to see it in large-o-vision.

I my letter, I suggest that the search giant should add a feature to their UK search, as they already have to their USA search, that would provide the details of an appropriate emotional support helpline service to people searching for suicide-related topics (such as “how to commit suicide”, etc.). This would provide minimal disruption to users merely interested in the topic, but could potentially provide a critical lifeline to somebody in dire need.

Just thought I’d share that with you.

Update: Google have now made the change I suggested! Read more about it here.

5 replies to Googling For Suicide In The UK

  1. I got depressed this morning when I was googling for Bridgend and was offered the chance to see results for Bridgend Suicides. Still, at least the sponsored link offered me the chance to book myself into a hotel there.

  2. Everyone gets depressed when they’re Googling for Bridgend. It’s like having to book train tickets for Liverpool, just one of those things that makes the brain wonder how almondy cyanide really tastes…

  3. I cant see the letter, when I click it I just get a pixelated copy. Any chance you can email me a copy? I’m genuinely interested, its a good idea, and one I have never thought of. If it needs support to get it to their attention, I’m sure we have a lot.

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