Kissing At Midnight

In a fleeting thought, as I passed the greengrocer hanging our mistletoe outside his shop this morning, I found myself thinking about the unusual situation I’m in, in that I’ll this year be spending New Year’s Eve with both of mygirlfriends.

Who do I kiss at midnight?

Thankfully, the solution is clear – this year at least – thanks to the fact that midnight will happen twice this year (there’s a leap second). With some careful orochestration of who kisses whom when, they can have a midnight each, and use each of their other midnight’s to kiss their respective other partners.

Like I said: a fleeting thought – I don’t lie awake worrying about this kind of thing. That would just be weird.

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  1. You’re meant to wait until Midnight to kiss people? Then why does everyone bother getting everyone else drunk from 7 o’clock onwards?

  2. I’d not thought about this problem. This is the first year I’ve had more than one partner at New Year, so it’s never come up before, and even this year, I’ll only be with one of them – but the one I will be with will be with all three of theirs. This could prove interesting… :)

  3. But if you get first midnight, you’re making JTA have second midnight. It’s more complex than you’d first think in a non-closed line. Now if JTA and Jimmy had a girlfriend in common, it’d be simple…

  4. Wot JTA said!

    I’m really not that bothered by the midnight kiss thing, I don’t even remember ever doing it before (sorry, apparently that’s how much it means to me…).

    I am excited about the leap second, though. How do we do the countdown?

  5. I think if view Claire’s comment about not remembering the midnight kiss to JTAs about when the drinking starts perhaps the answer will become clear!

    I think I’ll just wait till Chinese New Year – I like lunar calenders better anyway and it means I won’t have to share germs with quite as many people…..

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