Pictures From PolyDay 2008

For the benefit of people I promised pictures to, here’s some of the photos I took at PolyDay 2008, the post-Dossie Poly Meal, and generally during Claire and I’s trip to London this weekend. There are more photos I’ll share in due course, little doubt, and my write-up of what PolyDay was like, which I may post if and when I get the time, too. But for now, photos – make up your own damn story.

Click for bigger pics.

Thanks to everybody who made it a fabulous weekend.

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  1. DC DC says:

    Fabulous pictures. :)

  2. Sundeep Sundeep says:


    That was an interesting day. Glad you had fun.

    Was nice to see you guys.

  3. Was good to meet you too (followed the breadcrumb trail here from Miss Pix’s lj, in case you were wondering)

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