Self-Harm Awareness Day

There’s a mailing list I’m on that just got a message that started as follows:

Subject: March 1st – Self-Harm Awareness Day

Just curious…

a) How many of you knew it was self-harm awareness day on March 1st and

b) Are you doing anything to mark it?

It’s pretty bad that the first response I thought of was “Yeah, I’ll scratch that date into my arm to make sure I remember it.” Bad, but funny, in a sick and twisted way.

There’s a reason I’m a lurker.


  1. Wedge Wedge says:

    Yes and yes!

    LifeSIGNS is offering a load of downloads to print off and stick up (or email around).

    Please check it out at


  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    I knew that it was, if that counts for anything.

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