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  1. Heh thanks dan, yes I’m in town until friday-ish hopefully, and one of these days I’ll get the hang of letting people know when I’m visiting *before* it happens :)

  2. I saw you too pete! In spar with Helen, but youse looked really happy and I was so busy looking at you I forgot to say hello and then you were gone.

  3. […] Andy & Faye are in Aberystwyth until tomorrow morning. Didn’t know they were here? Nor did I, until Andy was already on a train. I guess this counts as a “stealth visit.” I got to meet up with them for a smoothie after work yesterday, but couldn’t make it out to the pub with them. I invited them to Sci-Fi Night, though, but I don’t know if they’re up for that or not. In any case, you all know where to find them, now, so I feel like I’ve done my part to decloak them, in that way I do. […]

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