How Not To Wake Up Claire

Yesterday, before I went in to work (yes, on my day off, I know – it’s always when I’m about to go on holiday that everything breaks and I’m needed), I woke Claire, to remind her that, while I was at work, she needed to dye a pair of shorts brown in order to use them as part of a costume that she’ll be wearing at the BiCon Ball. Unfortunately, I didn’t think carefully enough about my choice of words.

I woke her and said, "Okay; I’m off to work. See you about lunchtime. And don’t forget your dying."

Which it turns out can be easily misheard as "…don’t forget you’re dying."

Needless to say; in her post-waking sleepy state, this caused some distress. It was only a minute or so later that things made sense again to her, when she was down a train of thought a little like: "Dying? I can’t die… I’ve just put all this work into making a costume that I’ll never get to wear… I didn’t even finish dying the… ohh."

We’re off this afternoon on our grand tour of the UK. We’ll be in Glamorgan today, Preston on Monday, Edinburgh on Tuesday (via a quirky little village), Oxford a week on Tuesday, and back in Aberystwyth a week on Wednesday. I’ll try to make a post or two here about what we’ve been up to, so that I don’t have to make such a huge post as I did about my mum’s engagement party and the Edinburgh Fringe this time last year (hey, why is it that we always end up at a fancy dress party right before the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

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