One Over Zero for 2002-10-09, first frameOn Ruth’s recommendation, I’ve been reading 1/0 (One Over Zero), a webcomic that ran from 2000-2003. It’s remarkably clever, drawing ideas about religion and philosophy and determinism and morality into a silly little abstract universe of it’s author’s (Tailsteak) creation. It could be said to be fourth-wall breaking, except for the fact that it never really had a fourth wall to begin with: the author is the omnipresent deity of the comic (although he denies the title himself), and his own character plays a very real part in it’s ongoing stories.

If you’re looking for a few hours distraction here and there, give it a whirl.

Years later, I recommended the author’s latest webcomic, Forward (after I accidentally hacked into a system and stole future episodes).

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