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In true Google "we can’t think of a use for it either, but isn’t it a cool toy" style, Google Reader now has a new feature – Trends – which tells you, for example, at what times of the day you read particular blogs and other useless stuff like that (Did you know that I do the vast majority of my newsreading right before lunch, right after dinner, and at about midnight? How about that I’m more likely to read something than save it for later or delete it if I first see it on a Monday or Wednesday than any other day of the week?).

Something I did find interesting, though, was my subscription trends, and in particular, the most- and least-frequently updated blogs,  comics, news aggregators, and community sites that I read. Starting at the bottom:

Dan's "Bottom 10" Subscription Trends

Turns out there are people who very rarely if ever update their blogs: with only one exception (masked), everybody on this list is a personal (rather than a professional) blogger. I suppose that’s probably to be expected. If you’re on this list, I’m not hearing enough from you.

At the other end of the scale, on the Top 10, there’s only one "personal" blog – that of my friend Faye. She actually manages to beat several of the (daily) webcomics, and even a couple of the (several times a day) communities I read in terms of update frequency. Now that’s scary.


  1. Faye Faye says:

    Does this mean you’re stalking me? ;O

  2. Interesting that irregular ‘bloggers all seemed to have made their ‘blog entries at the start of a month.

    No, wait, that other thing… tedious!

  3. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    It’s possible that the date appearing by the oldest of the old ones is actually the date I added them to Google Reader in the first place.

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