I Just Happened To Have These Two Tickets

I’ve got two tickets to the research showing of the uncut version of The House On The Edge Of The Park, tonight, at the Arts Centre, but Claire‘s discovered that she can’t go, so, I’ve got a spare ticket. Does anybody want to come along with me and hold my hand during the scary bits*?

Here’s the blurb: this Italian (wouldn’t you know it) film was submitted for a BBFC UK cinema certificate in March 1981, but because of the scenes of rape and violence it was rejected. In 2002, in light of changing times, a version of the film was cut that did get a certificate, but this was almost 12 minutes shorter, as several scenes had been removed. Tonight’s showing is possibly the first ever UK cinema screening of the uncut version.

I’ve got these two tickets as part of a research project into the attitude of the BBFC in censoring some kinds of material. After the show, we’ll be asked to fill in a quick questionnaire detailing things like whether we approve of the kinds of things shown in the film being censored or not. It’s likely to be at least a little horrific, if the BBFC saw fit to censor it in the first place, but it’s got potential. The film could be shite, but it’s unlikely to be worse that most of the crap we watch every week at Troma Night.

If you want to come along (it’s at 5:30 at the Arts Centre) with me, leave a comment here, or give me a call. First-come, first-served.

* Hand-holding is not mandatory.

EDIT: We have a winner! Gareth from work just shouted across to me that he wants to come.

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