Car Gliding?

Was just looking at Gareth’s blog to read about his recent car trouble and noticed an interesting quirk in the way his blog is showing “tags”:

Car gliding?

It would appear that the thing Gareth writes about the most is “car gliding”. Cool. I want a go. I’m kind-of reminded of the Russian WWII Antonov A-40 experiment, where a light tank was fitted with wings to allow it to be “dropped” safely into battlefields after being dragged up into the air by an aeroplane.

Sadly, of course, this is just a quirk to do with the way his blog is interpreting “hang” and “gliding” as separate concepts. Interesting, though, that the things that appear to occupy his time the most relate to how much fun he has hang gliding or how shit each and every one of his cars is. Life in a nutshell.

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