And That Was That

Well; we’ve burned my gran (well, not us personally; our involvement in her actual cremation was limited to watching her disappear behind some curtains and resisting the urge to shout, “Uhh… a cuddly toy… a toaster oven… umm…”) and we’re on our way, by installments, back to Aberystwyth: we should be back in time for Troma Night: what do people want to do?

Hope the graduation ceremonies of everybody who had them this week went well: sorry we didn’t get to see more of you. Andy and Faye have, technically speaking, been staying with us – but in this activity, too, our involvement is limited – we let them into The Cottage and then we skipped town.

I think we’re at risk of single-handedly wearing down the stretch of road between Preston and Aberystwyth, so often have we been travelling it of late: Houghton Tower, my cousin’s wedding, my gran’s funeral, and we’re likely to be up again soonish for a fancy dress party my mum’s proposing. Perhaps we should get a Lancashire “Season Pass”.

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  1. what do people want to do?

    Not sure. Rory and NG-Gareth won’t be in town until 7:30ish, and then Gareth has to go and give a brief presentation at the cinema at 8. It’s just us, them, Bryn and Jimmy…

    We could watch a Troma film we haven’t seen…

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