Umm… About Troma Night (Plus: Last Night’s Dream)

Oh yeah; Claire and I won’t be around this weekend: we’re off to Houghton Tower again (again!) for classical music and fireworks from the comfort of a gazebo, which we’ve recently started pronouncing “gay’s bow”. The net result is that Troma Night won’t be at The Cottage – if somebody else wants to host it they can.

I had a strange dream last night: I was training to be a paratrooper in a women’s paratrooper division (do they have any of those?). I was already a woman, of course. I only remember snippets of it, including the training being particularly harsh. Very odd. Odder still, I have a strange feeling that I’ve had the same dream before, years ago, and had forgotten it.


  1. Claire can’t go with you to Houghton Tower; you must face the gazebo alone.

  2. BigGayAdam BigGayAdam says:

    My place is, as usual, available for Troma Night should it be required. Not sure why I’m posting this here, as you won’t be around, but there we go.

    Have a lovely weekend

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