Good Friday

Yes, I’m at work. On Good Friday. People keep asking me why I’m here, despite the fact that I don’t have to be, so I thought I’d try to explain myself:

It doesn’t really matter whether I have to be here or not; I’m here by choice anyway. I’m off next week to do various sports in Scotland with my dad, Claire, and my sisters, so anything that needs to be done before the 24th has to be done this week.

And I promised a client that I’d get his site launched by this weekend, so that he can spent the long weekend playing with it and setting it up before he starts his advertising campaign next week. The guy who’s paying the bill for this project is giving up his weekend to get his new business off the ground – I don’t think it’s the end of the world that I lose a bank holiday (when I’m getting a whole week off next week anyway).

But there seem to be some folks who can’t understand this mentality: as if Good Friday is some god-given holiday (ahem) that must be respected above all else. Or are they just so desperate for whatever days off they can get that they pounce on every single bank holiday like it’s their birthday… I don’t know. The point is, it’s no big deal: I enjoy my job, and I want to get this particular project finished and mark up another satisfied customer, and I volunteered without provokation to do this. In the end, a promise is a promise.

[begin plug] If you like this kind of mentality from your software developers: SmartData [end plug]

In other news, you might have noticed the change in layout to my blog. That’s not all that’s changed – I also replaced the buggy “type the number to prove you’re human” test on placing comments, and replaced it with something far cooler (and cuter!). Leave a comment if you want to see it: I’m sure you can think of something to say about my masochistic tendancy to work on public holidays.


  1. Kit Lane Kit Lane says:

    Guess I should post a comment then to see this new system.

    I am working good friday and I am a Christian, and I still see no problem with it. Its in my contract as a work day, so I work it. I would be working monday if I worked then. Saying that, we have a horribly complicated system for bank holiday dealings.

  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Cool. What did you think of the kittens? The pictures should change around hourly.

  3. Sian Sian says:

    Erm, I just wanted to see the kittens. I am not working today. I will be on Easter Sunday though. I hope I get paid in Easter eggs.

  4. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    /me anticipates getting hourly comments from Sian until she’s seen the full kitten collection

  5. Rockmonkey Rockmonkey says:

    Just looking at new system and someone mentioned kittens.

  6. Statto Statto says:

    I’d work Bank Holidays. They’re arbitrary, dull, and most leisure activities are busy during them anyway.

    Now let’s see what this comments thing does…

  7. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Wow. I think we see who the “geeks who watch abnib/their RSS readers constantly” are here, then. 7 comments in the first hour on a bank holiday morning. Jeez…

  8. andy r andy r says:

    ho is razorlit?

  9. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Youwhat, Andy R?

  10. The Pacifist The Pacifist says:

    I would be watching it, but y’see… it’s my day off. So I’m at home watching Scrubs alternated with Naruto. That’s a weird mixture, I can tell you.

  11. The Pacifist The Pacifist says:

    Additional – bring back the OpenID system. We shouldn’t have to click on rotten kittens once we’ve logged in…

  12. Binky Binky says:



    Dead Kittens!

  13. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    You only have to click on kittens once per hour, but yeah; I’m re-writing the OpenID system (mostly thanks to the number of specific and general complaints that I’ve got about it!

    Watch this space!

  14. Myzelik Myzelik says:

    Re:My blog whinging about working.

    Sorry. My gripe was with not getting the choice not to work Good Friday compared to people who get it off arbitarily. I probably would work it anyway and to be honest I’d prefer not to have Monday off, double time! I also worked for 24hours over August Bank last summer holiday so its not a first. I am working a double shift on Sunday though, that feels kind of bad and no extra pay either. ah well.

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