A Change Of Plan

Okay, contrary to what was advertised earlier, there won’t be a Geek Night this week (unless Claire or somebody else wants to run one), as I’ll be going to the open mic night at The Angel, where Matt’ll be doing his stuff. If you were going to be coming to Geek Night but now (obviously) won’t be, please consider The Angel as a second option.

If you’re concerned that the cancellation of Geek Night is a crafty way of us denying you access to the tasty brew I was giving out last night (which was unanimously named Yeast InfectionAlec‘s suggestion), fear not: folks are more than welcome to come by before The Angel and tank up, or there’ll be enough to save for events during the coming week (there’a about 18-20 pints left, not to mention the other beverages that went down surprisingly well amongst the non-beer drinkers last night).

Right: got to get on with some work.

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