Andy’s Gig – Logistics

Andy is putting together the logistics for the Pagan Wanderer Lu gig in Manchester this weekend, so here are the instructions for Team Aber. Please contact me if anything here seems wrong or needs clarifying!

Team Aber’s PWL Plan

Team Aber currently consists of:

  • “Wheels” Claire
  • “Steals” Dan
  • Paul “The Hat”
  • Matt “The Hat Copycat”
  • And special guest member Sundeep (TBC)

The team will gather at The Flat at by 10am on Saturday for the drive Up North. We may or may not be going via Crewe to pick up Sundeep, depending on whether or not she’s coming, before we move on. We’ll either be going directly to Manchester (if we’re picking up Sundeep) or to Preston first (unlikely, unless we make really good time). Claire will be spending a little while rehearsing and other poncy musician stuff with Andy, so the rest of us will find some nice pub and have a sly pint while they do that. We’ll later be joined by Team Preston (my mum and her boyfriend) before we go to the gig.

After the gig, Claire (who won’t have been drinking, nudge nudge) will drive the 4.5 (avr.) of us back to Preston, where we’ll either be camping in my dad’s converted attic (preferable: reasonable amount of space and two spare beds – but I haven’t yet got in touch with him to confirm this as he’s been in Africa) or my mum’s house (less preferable: less space, filled with animals). If you’re in Team Aber and are allergic to dogs, cats, or chickens, let me know now in case we end up at my mum’s house! Bring a sleeping bag if you have one: we’re likely to be able to get a pile of bedding and whatnot but there’s still the distinct possibility that at least two people will be sleeping on the floor.

We’ll be travelling back South on Sunday (via Crewe, if Sundeep’s with us, otherwise via Chester Tesco – in accordance with the prophecy). If anybody in Team Aber has any appointments or comittments on Sunday, let me know, so we can ensure we’re back in time for you to make them.

How’s that?

7 replies to Andy’s Gig – Logistics

  1. Exsqueze me, what will i be doing on saturday if you guys are going to a concert?!?

    Oh and dad says its okay for you to crash at his!

  2. You’re welcome to, Bex, so long as you consider:

    1. You’re likely to have to be able to pass as 18, without fail, without question.

    2. The music is likely to be unusual and ‘different’. Don’t expect anything you’re used to.

    3. You’ve got to get (a) parent’s approval and (b) a lift from mum and Andy. I’ll make sure you get a flyer to give you a discount on the door, if you want one.

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