Great Melton and Little Melton

Thought I’d share with you all some pictures of Claire and her dad that we took with his camera while out and about in Norfolk. Click for larger images.

Great Melton and Little Melton

Little Melton

Great Melton

We’ll be back with you Aberites tomorrow evening. I assume that Andy’s blog post relates to Paul‘s inability (or discomfort) with writing lesbian sex scenes for the film script? Perhaps I should offer my services… or, perhaps better yet, JTA could – the man who made a living out of writing erotic literature at high school, I hear.

Long journey tomorrow, and I’ve got a few more bits and pieces to fix over here, first. <sighs>

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  1. I think “inability” is a strong word to use. More like I had people requesting there was a lesbian sex scene in the film, but I had absolutely no idea what they wanted from it. Did they want it to be erotic (in which case they should probably write it themselves), or silly, or tender, or what?

    So Andy wrote it..

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