Things achieved so far:

  • Got to Preston in three hours, which is pretty good going. We got stuck behind some idiots who seemed to think that “national speed limit” meant 30mph for awhile, but by the time we got to the big roads it was plain sailing. Without sails. Or a boat.
  • Fixed my dad’s wireless network. He has a wireless network comprising his desktop PC, each of my sisters’ desktop PCs, and an ADSL router. Having recently gotten a new laptop he wanted to connect this to the network, too, so he got an old USB wireless adapter he had and plugged it in. Hmm.. can’t seem to join the network: can see it, but can’t join it. So he goes and buys a new adapter – this time, one which was of the same brand as the ones of which his network was already composed. Nope, still nothing. Eventually, has patience at an end, he borrowed my sister’s adapter… and it worked fine.If you’re a network geek, see if you can think what the problem might be before you read on.

    The problem was that his network had been set up to use MAC address locking – preventing access to the router by anything but a list of particular hardware devices (or, for non-geeks: every piece of networking equipment has a supposedly globally unique number assigned to it when it is manufactured: my dad’s router had been configured only to allow particular numbers to connect to it ). So, it was a simple challenge to allow these new devices access to his network. The net result seemed to be that there was one useless wireless adapter.

    But here’s where things got really silly: it later turned out that his new laptop had a built-in wireless adapter, and he’d never known. All he had to do was actually install the drivers for it (to be fair, you’d think on a pre-built laptop they might have done that for him) and voila: he was on the network… two useless wireless adapters.

  • Installed Firefox as the default browser on all of the IE-default machines we’ve come across.
  • Met the puppies (4), the chickens (3½), the rabbit (1, with 3 others loose somewhere in the scrubland behind the house – kids on the neighbourhood sometimes catch one – at great risk and loss of blood [theirs’, not the rabbit’s] – and ransom it back), and the hermit crabs (2) for the first time. Re-met the dog (1), and the cats (4… 5…? 6??? who knows). My mum’s house is becoming quite the menagerie. I’ll try to get some pictures online before we leave here on Monday.
  • Taught my parents to play Fluxx. My dad turns out to be surprisingly… lucky… at it.
  • Drank mead from the holy isle of Lindisfarne, where my dad has recently been.

By the way – Paul: I’ve left a key to TheFlat with Bryn, so there’s no need to camp out at the cafe all day in anticipation of Troma Night tonight: have a good one, guys!

Right – off to watch Spongebob Squarepants.

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  1. Dan you ass wipe. ive lost my glasses so i keep getting called a damn spambot by your stupid new idea, however it all looks rather snazy now and yes *sigh* we have SIX cats -duh- ; muffin, tatoo, indie, sploge, munchkin and chip. ok .

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