I Can Still Do It

My new lockpick set arrived today. I haven’t played with picks in years and years, and so, when I started clumsily fooling around inside a chunky padlock that Claire found behind some furniture yesterday, it felt like I was about to have another half-hour of footing around before I could even count the number of pins it had. And then it all came back. 30 seconds later, the lock was open.

Nothing to all of you guys, but it elated me for a moment to find that lockpicking, too, is just like riding a bicycle.

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  1. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Additional: Went out for a meal and a few drinks with Claire (belated Valentine’s Day meal – we have more common sense than to try to go out on the day itself), then tried to pick our flat door. Managed to get four of five pins, which is both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring, because – even after a few bottles of Bishop’s Finger, and years out of practice, I can still get four pins in a five pin tumbler lock with ease… and depressing, because I should have been able to get the fifth, damnit. Guess I am out of practice. Will play a little more at the weekend.

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