Curry With Friends

Went out last night for curry and beers to Cafe All Spice with:

  • Jen – professional cynic
  • Claire – professional mimic
  • Bryn – protestable critic
  • Andy – procrastinating graduate
  • Sian – political constitutionalist
  • and Paul – pineapple coconut

And a fantastic night was had by all, I feel. The food was brilliant, the beers drained themselves as we chatted about geekiness, jewelery, politics, relationships, dialects, body hair, relationships again, pub quizzes, the upcoming Troma Night

I’ve one or two pictures from my phone to share with you, but I haven’t beamed them off yet, so you’ll have to wait.

Edit: Here’s the nicest of the pictures from the evening, which I’d promised I’d share with you:

Paul & Jen on their date

Paul & Jen on their date×


  1. Bryn Bryn says:

    What exactly is a “Protestable Critic”?

    It was a good night :)


  2. The Pacifist The Pacifist says:

    pineapple pineapple, celery celery…

    Nah. Doesn’t work in text form.

  3. Piwabble, piwabble, cewerwee, cewerwee…

    It works fine!

  4. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    No it doesn’t. Pineapple isn’t a vegetable.

  5. Pedant. Anyway, it could be a vegetable, it’s got green bits.

  6. The Pacifist The Pacifist says:

    So do (some) apples!

  7. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    And limes.

  8. Well? Can you prove they aren’t vegetables?

  9. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    A fruit is the ripened ovary, together with its seeds, of a flowering plant. The pineapple is actually formed from many smaller berries which fuse together, in what botanists call a multiple-accessory fleshy fruit.

    Conversely, a vegetable is any part of a plant that we eat that is not more-specifically defined as being a fruit, nut, herb, spice, or grain.

    So there.

  10. Meh. What does Wikipedia know about anything, anyway?

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