Which “Secret Of Monkey Island” Character Are You?

Herman Toothrot

Golly, I’m Herman Toothrot. I’m unique, pleasent, er… unique. Oh, let’s face it, I’m an old pantless weirdo. I trained a bunch of monkeys to sail a ship back from a deserted island but didn’t go myself, I think my dead friend has never looked better, and I talk to people who aren’t there… kind of. But I don’t worry: that’s why everyone loves me.
*~What “Secret of Monkey Island” character are you?~*

Well; I saw that coming. The bigger question is: if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, what color is the tree?

2 replies to Which “Secret Of Monkey Island” Character Are You?

  1. I’ve never played monkey island (runs to hide behind sofa before outcry that knows will follow).

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