Nightmare Day, Part One

1. Andromeda (Smartdata‘s main online server) goes down, taking our web site and e-mail with it.

2. The hosts are slow and arsey and aren’t much help at all. “I can ping it,” says one. “Yes, well I can ping it too,” I reply, coldly, “But apart from that, it doesn’t seem to have any purpose other than to help keep your building warm!” I finally persuade them to go and look at it.

3. Oh yeh – did I mention that this happened, taking (as I said) our web site down, just as we launch some national publicity? My boss doesn’t look happy.

4. Why do letters with windows in them so rarely contain, like, Christmas cards and other fluffy things? Mine, today, was from the council, insisting that, no, really, I do have to pay them one-and-a-half people’s council tax for the next two and a half years.

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  1. Claire is my half person.

    When we were both students, we were (of course) council tax exempt. If we were both non-students, we’d be a two-person household, and we’d pay full tax. But because we’re one student and one non-student, you’d think the non-student (the taxpayer) would get a 50% discount, but instead they get a 25% discount. The “half-person” extra tax they pay is presumabley to pay for the many advantages that come from living with a student(?), or something.

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