A Very Happy Unbirthday, To Andy

Went to Andy‘s unbirthday party (sadly the original party, this summer, had to be cancelled as nobody who matters could make it). That was fun – drinking and TwisterTM. Will try to post pictures as they become available (JTA has more).

I played Twister until I hurt my back. Then I stopped. Andy did remarkably well, and won two successive games.

Update 7 October 2019 (15th anniversary of this post). Andy’s LiveJournal is long-dead and purged, but I’ve recovered the text of his post, which I linked to, from archive.org:

The Birthday which was not a Birtday [Oct. 7th, 2004|01:13 am]

[ mood | Mood? Me? ]
[ music | Virgin radio – quiet can’t wake anyone ]

Wow people turned up I was impressed. Yay for Andy’s Aber friends. Wish more people could have been here but many studying in silly far away places so couldn’t but thanks all who did show especially those who engaged in twister. You have either all gone home and/or gone to bed so will leave you all for the night. Love al my party friends… Andy

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