1. Raz Raz says:

    I think kitty loaf is cooler. http://kittyloaf.cjb.net/

  2. Andy Andy says:

    He’s like an Inverse Sandwich!

  3. Doreen Doreen says:

    No. This is very wrong. The whole design is inappropriate for an
    ‘inverse sandwich’. That would require half the fish above the bread
    and half below. What we’ve got is a loaf of bread with a hole in it and
    a fish pushed through. It’s a fish sandwich… nothing ‘inverse’ about it.

  4. Andy Andy says:

    Yes, I see your point about the requirement for a horizontal aspect of the sandwich theory, but there is a line of thought that the bread loaf is actually a part of the fish, forming the central section of it’s body, and would not, should it be dissected, reveal a normally formed fish within. The only way to understand this natural phenomena is by inspection of a specimen. (Pisces Micaparsus).

  5. RadRafe RadRafe says:

    Yeah, I like Kittyloaf too. Thing is, I like a different Kittyloaf. Actually, that one bears a striking resemblance to the marvellous breadfish…

  6. oli oli says:

    Wtf does he say? Hes like an inverse sandwich.. or a fisha nd then a sharks 0.0?also it is an inverse sandwich cuz if u think its head and its tail are the two loaves of bread and the bread is the fish then whala inverted.

  7. Tyris Tyris says:

    You sure it isn’t “instant” sandwich? I know I thought it was “motherless breadfish” at first…

  8. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    I’m certain it’s “marvellous”, based on things written on the author’s web site.

    Could be “instant”. That’d make more sense.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it was swimming in the ocean waters. It was like an instant sandwich for fishermen and sharks!

  10. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Well that helps clear that up… and only a year and a quarter late…

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