Belt Buckle Shows Highlights Of Crazy Search Results

Belt buckle computer

This is just crazy. Some mad geeks have adapted a Pocket PC into a hip 80s-esque belt buckle, such that it displays a scrolling list of popular web search terms of the last 24 hours, live… at your crotch.

I have no idea what the purpose of this is.


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  1. So in order to read you ‘belt’ you have to satnd around playing with your naughty bits? Either that or take the belt off and let your trousers fall down. So if you’re going to let your trousers fall down the you should really be in private or sitting down if you’re in public. When you’re in private surely you can use your own “real-life-size!” PC for the task. If you’re sitting down in public and start removing items of clothing (even if it’s just a belt) people can tend to, shall we say, over-react?

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