Just Plain Weird; And Other Observations About The World

[this post has been partially damaged during a server failure on Sunday 11th July 2004, and it has been possible to recover only a part of it]

[more of this post was recovered on Friday 24 November 2017]

This is just plain weird. How to perform a fecalectomy on a keyring.

I’ve got some damn cool new board games, including the second best one in the world, and another one in the top 100, according to the voters on BoardGameGeek. Paul, Claire and I played Hacker from Steve Jackson Games (the people behind Chez Geek and the inspiration for all those weird cards I’ve been posting to my blog). Later, Bryn, Paul, Claire and I played Carcassonne, a clever tile-laying game, and tonight, Claire and I played Tigres & Euphrates, another tile game. I’m rediscovering my love of board games, and slowly forcing it upon others as well. Bryn bought a copy of Risk, and Claire’s spent forever cutting all of the little pieces out…



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