Ecstasy Is All You Need

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Is it actually possible to live a life without regret? It’s such a beautifully noble goal – and no, I’m not thinking here about any particular event – but I’m left wondering, here…

Based upon my experience of life so far – and I am about a third of my way through it, statistically – the things that challenge us, emotionally, don’t ever truly go away: they’re little things, shelved away but no less behind us than they are forgotten. It’s like a little “affective store”, where the things we treasure (or fear) are cast aside. We talk about ‘dealing with’ things. I’m not sure that term does justice to the process.

Perhaps it’s just me, but doesn’t this store get full quick? Maybe I’m just emotionally short-fused. If so, I think I must conceal it well. Nobody seems to notice. Much.

For the last few years, at about this time, I’ve given myself a challenge – part of an ongoing and neverending process of self-perfection (to an ideal I’ve never concretely defined): for the last year, this goal has been Tolerance – to gain an improved understanding of others, and to be less judgemental in my thoughts and actions (I think I’ve done quite well). Perhaps this …


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