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  • Fnorders

    13 September, 2017

    He's been kept away from blogging by Complicated Life Stuff, but that didn't stop Dan from making a thing.

  • AMP Is Poisonous

    19 May, 2017

    AMP, Google's technology that tries to make the mobile web faster by giving Google a monopoly over it, is...

  • Steer! An Experimental Canvas/Websocket Game

    28 April, 2017

    Left alone to look after a conference stand, Dan implements a browser-based video game prototype called Steer! in which...

  • Ben Foxall at Render Conf 2017 discusses the accompanying JSOxford Hackathon.

    Tomorrow’s Web, Today

    19 April, 2017

    Feeling optimistic about the technical future of the Web, Dan finds the opportunity to hack about with some promising...

  • Anatomy of Cookie XSS

    16 June, 2016

    Using a real-life vulnerability he discovered on the University of Oxford's IT Services website as an example, Dan reminds...

  • Greg, Marc, Blair and Dom, as depicted in Greg's 2007 blog post.

    Squiz CMS Easter Eggs (or: why do I keep seeing Greg’s name in my CAPTCHA?)

    27 March, 2015

    When using the Squiz CMS, Dan noticed that his CAPTCHA kept containing the same patterns of letters. These turned...

  • Craziest Internet Explorer Bug Ever?

    6 November, 2012

    Dan discovers a crazy little bug in Internet Explorer 8 and below, and complains loudly about it. Bloody IE.

  • KeePass for Opera

    17 June, 2012

    Dan develops a browser plugin for Opera to allow the KeePass Password Safe to work with Opera 12+, after...

  • Internetland

    13 June, 2012

    In Internetland, everybody has prosopagnosia. That's why it's so important that the people who live there treat their passwords...

  • A screenshot of Facebook's new

    Pay To Post

    11 May, 2012

    Facebook is to introduce a new feature that will allow you to pay to "promote" your posts above those...

  • On This Day In 2004

    27 April, 2012

    On this day in 2004, Dan finally handed in his dissertation on the subject of Three Rings. Since then,...

  • British Telecom's implementation of the new cookie laws. Curiously, if you visit their site using the Opera web browser, it assumes that you've given consent, even if you click the button to not do so.

    Visitor Tracking Without Cookies (or How To Abuse HTTP 301s)

    24 April, 2012

    A technique for abusing HTTP 301 redirects and random numbers to uniquely track users; even those who have cookies...

  • My head

    Moving Things Around With CSS Transitions

    17 April, 2012

    The "pop-up head" in the top-left hand corner of the page is powered entirely by CSS: no Javascript is...

  • A New Look

    13 April, 2012

    Dan redesigns the theme for, returning to sans-serif fonts and shades of blue... plus a few modern CSS...

  • 8-Bit Google Maps

    31 March, 2012

    Google Maps have started providing an "8-Bit Edition", with retro-RPG-style map graphics, Dan observes.

  • On This Day In 2011

    3 February, 2012

    As part of the On This Day series, Dan looks back over the last year that he's been running...

  • Goodbye Reader

    2 November, 2011

    After Google apply an ugly-as-sin new style and break some of his favourite features, Dan finally gives up on...

  • The Back Button

    3 September, 2011

    After reading about Torsion Pendulum Clocks on Wikipedia, Dan asks the immortal question of any Wikipedia-surfer: "how did I...

  • On This Day In 2003

    10 June, 2011

    Today is the ninth birthday of Dan's blog on Okay, okay, so he's actually been blogging in some...

  • Abnib Lives On

    1 June, 2011

    After receiving complaints, Dan goes back on his decision to let Abnib die, and revitalises it with a new...

  • The Death of Abnib

    30 May, 2011

    Next month, Abnib will die. If you're still using it, you really ought to read and pay attention to...

  • Content Freeze

    25 May, 2011

    After a significant blow to the head, Dan loses the ability to write to his long-term memory for several...

  • Leading By Example

    15 May, 2011

    After getting thoroughly confused by the new European Union directives on the use of cookies, which come into force...

  • Deliciously Silly Password Restrictions

    28 April, 2011

    After being reminded that social bookmarking service exists, Dan logs in and gives it a go. His first...

  • Disapora Invites

    24 March, 2011

    Dan has spare invitations to the alpha test version of Diaspora, a new distributed social networking service platform. Want...

  • Passwords – The Least You Should Do

    23 March, 2011

    If you're reading this, there is at least a 95% chance that your passwords aren't good enough. You should...

  • IE6 Countdown

    5 March, 2011

    Microsoft have finally started telling people NOT to use Internet Explorer 6, an awful outdated browser that's holding the...

  • A New Way to Be Creepy on Facebook

    25 February, 2011

    Breakup Notifier is a useful - no, wait, that other thing: creepy - new service that lets you know...

  • Free Deed Poll Generator

    3 February, 2011

    Generate yourself a legally-valid UK deed poll to change your name... completely free! A new, open-source project by Dan...

  • New Look, New Protocols

    21 January, 2011

    This website's been updated with a shiny new theme and an exciting (well, if you're a geek) new IPv6...