Sleepless? Priceless!

  • Time for this iteration of a software project: 4 months
  • Time left after the client changed their mind about the “must have” requirements: 2 months
  • Amount of sleep within the last 40+ hours: 4 hours
  • Number of JOIN clauses in an eleventh-hour SQL statement that suddenly fixes everything: 12 (LEFTies, RIGHTies, INNERs… and also a UNION)
  • Time internal deadline missed by: 55 minutes… which isn’t actually that bad, considering everything that went wrong in the 55 minutes before them
  • Money earned: nil
  • Feeling after delivery complete: priceless*.

* also: knackered – guess I’d better get some sleep!


How frustrating is it to write 5 CDs for clients, only to discover an error in some SQL scripts on them that mean that they won’t work outside of the development LAN… <grr>

It’s the world rebalancing the good and bad things, I guess. Making up for last night’s wild rampant sex tour of the flat (starting on the couch, finishing on the bed… without need for re-entry). Damn, we were horny.

I’d better fix these SQL scripts. Ooh: office Christmas dinner this evening! That’s something to look forward to.