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Sian wrote:

I’m hoping to get a laptop for me birthday, any suggestions people who know about these things? Before I end up buying one just because it’s pink or has Hello Kitty on it or something. I just want something basic, but not rubbish. Help?

Before somebody suggests that I will be the best person to ask: I’m not. I’ve owned several shitty laptops and one reasonably good one, I’ve never enjoyed using one, and I’ve broken all of them. But that’s more to do with me than the laptops in question.

IBM, Toshiba, Dell – all respectable names worth considering (although Toshiba can be ludicrously expensive). Look at weight and battery life and how hot they run. All I can help with.



Running late for work. Was supposed to get up and take laptop to Daton as part of an insurance scam, but I’m still at home after having woken up late. Still, Claire’ll be at work until about 1am today… in Newtown… so there’s no benefit to me coming home early. I’ll work late.

Updated Troma Night at long last – this web site chronicles the things I get up to on termtime Saturday nights.

Suppose I oughta go get this laptop sorted and put my paycheque into the bank, then get my lazy layabout arse to work.