I’ve not posted much recently: I’ve had a lot of Complicated Life Stuff going on, sorry.

But I did make a thing: fnorders.com. You’re welcome.


Fnorders Of The Day

Wow. The “Fnorders Of The Day” (the message in the little strip between this site’s title and the posts) for today is “Ignore previous message. The beer bottle manipulates the drunken ski lift. Fnord.” That’s brilliant.

Crosslink: I reimplemented Fnorders many years later.

The Scary Baby Conspiracy

Now here’s an idea for an Illuminati: The Game Of Conspiracy “Illuminati” card – The Scary Baby Conspiracy. Suggestions for the Scary Baby Conspiracy’s unique win condition and any special rules are welcome (from anybody who actually knows what Illuminati is). Fnord.

On which note – it’s Geek Night tonight! Hopefully we can have a couple of games of Carcassonne and perhaps one of Hacker.