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Dan Q’s been blogging since the 1990s, mostly about his life, technology, programming, relationships, hacking, and games.

He lives in Oxford, UK with his partner and her husband in a polyamorous V-shaped thingy, and their two children. Until he finds something that rhymes better, he describes himself as a magician Automattician on a geoposition-mission.

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  • Dog; Person [Video]
  • After talking about impulse control, our "puppy school" OABT half-jokingly issued homework to photograph our dogs waiting patiently next to their initial, written in treats. #holdmybeer
  • Bree-Yark!
  • GC8W7QW
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  • Do What You're Bad At [Video]
  • Hey @VOXI_UK! There's a security #vulnerability in your website. An attacker can (a) exfiltrate mobile numbers and (b) authenticate bypassing OTP. Not sure who to talk to about ethical disclosure. Let me know?
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  • Y100K
  • Almost nerdsniped myself when I discovered several #WordPress plugins that didn't quite do what I needed. Considered writing an overarching one to "solve" the problem. Then I remembered @xkcd comic 927...
  • Time is an illusion. School drop-off time doubly so. #towelday
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  • Will swapping out electric car batteries catch on?
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  • "Walking" the dog
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  • How WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird
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