Dan Q performed maintenance for GC88ZY9 The Devil’s Quoits

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A fringe benefit to being CO to a virtual is that it doesn’t require much maintenance, save for ensuring that all logs are accompanied by a valid solution message and no spoilers are posted. But it’s still worth visiting them from time to time to ensure they’re still accessible and solvable! These stones have been here for thousands of years – minus a relatively short period from around the 15th to the 20th centuries! – so I couldn’t imagine they’d gone anywhere, and indeed they haven’t. Counted them to make sure, and the geopup checked that the outlier stone was in its proper place. Maintenance performed!

A French Bulldog runs towards the camera, her tongue hanging out, in a grassy field. Standing stones can be seen in the background, under a blue sky.

Map of 51.74005,-1.405817

Dan Q found GCA002Z Busted out!

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Could have been expected to get the FTF for this one, given that it’s (a) literally 20 seconds walk from my front door and (b) the CO had indicated that one would be hidden around here, but unfortunately I contracted covid last weekend and any walk longer tab my garden was quickly leaving me exhausted. This evening I felt a little better and so the geohound and I (pictured) braved a couple of minutes in the rain to come and sign the logbook.

Note to future cachers planning to park and grab: the “layby” indicated is a working bus stop, albeit with an infrequent (every 2 hours, weekday daytimes) schedule, so remember to be a polite cacher and try not to park in it at times that it’ll be needed by the minibus!

I might need to find a new home for my replacement to GC90RH3, whose bridge hiding place is only 100m or so (less than the requisite 0.1 miles!) from this new cache! Ah well, that’ll teach me to be a slow CO!

TFTC, and for getting me out of the house for a walk for the first time since I got sick almost a week ago.

Dan with the dog, in the garden.

Map of 51.758167,-1.40125

Dan Q found GC33BAJ WWW#4 – earthcache.org

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Geopup and I found quite easily while out on a walk. The excitable doggo isn’t so keen on stopping and searching for caches when there are so many new and exciting smells just over her visual horizon, so today’s expedition might only give me a couple of minutes to hunt for each: we’ll have to see if that’s enough to log any further finds this morning.

Map of 51.8034,-1.4795

Dan Q found GC5PPFT Ssssshhhh it’s a …….

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I’ve been working in Witney one day every week or two lately, but somehow I’ve never managed to sync up my work times with the hours that this building is accessible! Or, when I do, I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to stop and hunt!

This morning, though, the stars aligned and I was able to get to the GZ. The cache was pretty much where I expected based on the coordinates and the hint, but still took a minute out two to lay hands on. Soon, though, I was quietly sitting and reading past log entries.

SL TFTC! FP awarded for sheer awesome.

Dan sits in a library, holding a small book and with his finger to his lips in a 'shush' gesture. The back cover of the book contains text identifying it as a geocache.

Map of 51.786517,-1.487183