Homa Night II

Homa Night II

Watch a mixture of films both great and terrible (and sometimes both), in the style of the late Troma Night but from the comfort of your own home. Bring your own pizza, beer, and sense of humour on .

RSVP if you like

You can RSVP if you want to either by (a) sending a h-entry p-rsvp webmention, (b) commenting, below, or (c) just let Dan know that you plan to attend and he’ll loop you in on the technical details closer to the time.

Unlike Troma Night, turning up early does not guarantee you a seat nor does it improve your chances of stealing beer leftover from last week. I’m looking at you, Alec.

How to attend?

You will need:

  • A modern web browser to act as your “main screen”. I’ve tested that this works in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. If you can use Netflix without the app (i.e. through the website) then you should be fine. If not… you might be fine.

Not required, but recommended:

  • A “second screen” for riffing. Your mobile will be fine! You can “push” your comments directly to the bottom of everybody’s “main screen”, and we’ll do a Google Meet at the end for some face-to-face-time. And we might WhatsApp as we go-along with non-film-reated chatter, I suppose.
  • Pizza. I mean, you could eat something healthy if you prefer, I suppose.
  • Alcohol. I’ll be drinking beer, but you can BYOB.

If you can’t make the start you can join in later, if you like. That’s fine. Closer to the time I’ll try to publish an approximate timetable of what’ll be screening at what time. As a quick rule-of-thumb though, we’re likely to screen better films earlier in the evening, when you’re more-likely to be soberer.

What will we be watching?

We'll be watching The Neighbors' Window at 20:40, then - after an intermission - Mutant Blast at 21:10. From 22:30 a Google Meet chat room will be available for social videochatting.

At the time of writing, none of the films so-far selected have a BBFC certificate, but it’d be reasonable to assume that they’d attract at least a 15 certificate. Children should probably be in bed.

Wait, II? What was Homa Night I?

Homa Night I was a demo earlier in the year, to test that the technology that I’m using to power this event works. Three people attended and watched Virus (1999).

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  1. Kit Lane Kit Lane says:

    Yeah we should be there

    Probably with home made pizza

  2. SiAndy SiAndy says:

    We’re in! 🍕

  3. Rory Rory says:

    Yeah that would be awesome, would be lovely to see everyone.

  4. Eleanor Read Eleanor Read says:

    I would like to join the Homa 🤚🏻🍕🍸

  5. Jen Banks Jen Banks says:

    I’m in

    1. Jen Jen says:

      I don’t remember writing this

      1. Dan Q Dan Q says:

        You wrote it in WhatsApp. I copied it here while I was keeping track here of attendees (before I created them their own space).

  6. alec alec says:

    Yes please.

  7. Colin Colin says:

    Count us in too.

  8. Jen Jen says:

    Was I at Homa night 1?

    Yes to homa night 2 for me and Dermot please and thank you!

  9. YerMum YerMum says:

    I’m in!

    Not sure about the tech though as new TVs a bastard for screen share/mirror but we’ll see how we get on! Might well make pizza and will invite my bubblers.

  10. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    If it has a built-in web browser (many do!) and it doesn’t suck (not so-likely, but maybe) you might be able to use that as-is. Ping me some evening if you want to do a test run.

    Update: We did a test run and it worked surprisingly well.

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