The Trout Trek

Traditional geocache
Map of 51.774133,-1.299200


This cache was originally published as GCD6A6 in 2003 by The Matson Bicester Clan. After an extended period of abandonment and in need of maintenance, it was adopted by Dan Q in June 2018 and republished here and also as OK046A. As one of Oxford’s oldest geocaches (as well as being in a fantastic spot), it felt important to me that this cache was kept alive. The terrain rating was increased from 1.5 to 2 at this point to reflect current trends in expressing cache terrain scores: for some routes/weather conditions you might find it harder still!

If coming by car, parking is available at The Trout Inn: the cache is under a kilometre’s walk away, initially by heading South down the Thames Path past the Grade II-listed ruins of Godstow Abbey and the furthest-upstream electrically-powered lock gate on the River Thames. It’s also possible to cycle this section of the Thames Path (from either direction), but the last few hundred metres to the cache are almost-certainly best attempted on foot.

Be aware that the shortest route might not be the quickest and that while the cache is dry you might not (depending on the conditions) be able to say the same for yourself when you find it!

Logging this cache

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