• Cystoscopy equipment, ready for insertion.

    Into the Lair of the Bladder Monster

    18 September, 2015

    Following his recent illness, Dan undergoes a variety of investigative procedures, including having a fibreoptic bundle inserted into bladder......

  • Post-It Minesweeper

    15 September, 2015

    Dan implements a computer program to help him make a Post-It-based version of a computer program. Then sticks it...

  • Anniversary at Wriggles Brook

    29 August, 2015

    A few weeks ago Ruth and Dan celebrated their eighth anniversary in a gypsy caravan at Wriggles Book, Herefordshire,...

  • Dan, shortly before inpatient admission but already recovering from the worst parts of his hospital visit, last week.

    The Bladder Monster

    24 June, 2015

    Complications associated with a series of urinary tract infections cause Dan a stay in the hospital and a long...

  • Calculating Pi (when you’re ill)

    14 June, 2015

    Dan's stuck in bed while he recovers following a medical issue. But while his body's recovering, he's been occupying...

  • A Sainsbury's Brand Match voucher advising that my shopping was 1p cheaper than the competition. In total. Photo with thanks to Brett Jordan, used under a Creative Commons license.

    Supermarket “price match” deals are marketing genius

    9 June, 2015

    Almost five years ago, Sainsbury's supermarkets started giving you vouchers to the value of how much cheaper your shopping...

  • Solar Power, part 2

    12 May, 2015

    Last year, Dan had solar panels installed on his roof. Four months on, he takes a look at how...

  • EEBO-TCP Hackathon

    22 April, 2015

    Last month, Dan attended the EEBO-TCP hackathon, and worked alongside humanities researchers to collaborate on software that extracted previously...

  • Greg, Marc, Blair and Dom, as depicted in Greg's 2007 blog post.

    Squiz CMS Easter Eggs (or: why do I keep seeing Greg’s name in my CAPTCHA?)

    27 March, 2015

    When using the Squiz CMS, Dan noticed that his CAPTCHA kept containing the same patterns of letters. These turned...

  • Too Many Cards

    4 March, 2015

    This week, Dan performed a magic trick (via webcam) for some friends in an exclusive part of Reddit. And...

  • From bottom to top: potato waffle, cheese, potato waffle, egg, tomato ketchup.

    Health. Food.

    12 February, 2015

    You can tell when Dan's recovering from illness, because he starts craving the most otherwise-disgusting foodstuffs. Here's a recipe...

  • La Chapelle Notre-Dame des Neiges, near Montagny, as seen across the valley from La Nouvaz

    The Right Place At The Right Time

    6 February, 2015

    While hunting for an Alpine geocache, Dan discovers two lost hikers and rescues them from a blizzard.

  • Three checkboxes -


    13 December, 2014

    Where organisations that have no reason to discriminate based on gender ask for Dan's title, he usually gives Mx....

  • Solar panels on our roof.

    Solar Power, part 1

    8 December, 2014

    Solar power is awesome. That's why Dan looked at the roof of the house he co-owns with Ruth and...

  • JTA and Ruth at the supermarket after shoping before Murder... At The Magic College

    Means-Assessed Household Finances (Socialism Begins At Home!)

    12 October, 2014

    For the last four years, Ruth, Dan, JTA, and those who've lived with them have used a system of...

  • The completed pizza cake, ready to be sliced.

    Pizza Cake

    4 October, 2014

    When you make a pizza on top of a pizza on top of a pizza on top of a...

  • A 2-year-old using a MacBook. Photograph copyright Donnie Ray Jones, used under Creative Commons license.

    Teaching Kids to Code – Why It Matters

    28 September, 2014

    Teaching children to program computers should be seen as being about making a new generation of computer programmers. It...

  • Dan holds up a card for a spectator.

    Secrets of Magic

    24 September, 2014

    Do you know the secret of magic? The secret of magic isn't, as many people think, secrets, but something...

  • Dan reprogrammes Box One in a forest

    You Can’t Do It Alone!

    13 August, 2014

    Dan places his most-ambitious geocache to date: a cache that requires two people to find it - on different...

  • Cheese and pickle.

    How to make a Cheese & Pickle Sandwich

    8 July, 2014

    What a strange species we are! Dan contemplates the complexity of a cheese & pickle sandwich.

  • Poker


    30 June, 2014

    Dan and his coworker Liz take a day's course in blacksmithing, and discover quite how much hard work it...

  • Annabel looks out over the Eden Project

    Devon – the trip we’ll never forget

    16 June, 2014

    Dan, Ruth, JTA take a holiday in Devon. And for better or worse, it becomes a trip that they’ll…

  • Dan holding the geocache he's found above his head, triumphantly.

    Geocaching Like Batman

    18 May, 2014

    Dan finds his first "terrain 5" geocache. They said he needed a boat, but Dan laughs in the face...

  • Social Engineering of the Day

    15 May, 2014

    Dan goes to deliver a lecture on security and, before he's even identified himself, manages to find out from...

  • Ice and Lemon, by Pete Hartley

    Ice and Lemon

    22 April, 2014

    Recently, Dan read a book about an alternate-universe version of himself, authored by somebody who very-nearly shares his father's...

  • @SelinaWilken: Sometimes I'll read horoscopes, and just go down the list until I find the one I like best. This month I'm Aquarius.


    17 April, 2014

    A long time ago, Dan dated a girl who would read several different horoscopes for her star sign, and...

  • Sarah and Richard announce to the rest of the family that they're now married.

    Surprises, e.g. a Brother-in-Law

    18 March, 2014

    While on the way to a stag night in Edinburgh, Dan stops to perform magic in Preston and is...

  • Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'. I need some hot stuff baby tonight. I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'. Gotta have some hot stuff. Gotta have some love tonight.

    Cosmo – Building A Watercooled PC (Part 1)

    10 March, 2014

    Mostly-irrationally, Dan decides that it's time to build a new computer, and sets out to make a souped-up, liquid-cooled...

  • Dan rocking the baby, in the sunlight.

    “Uncle Dan”

    14 January, 2014

    Dan reflects briefly on the birth of "tiny", and the crazy week that's come since, along with some adorable...

  • Gypsies, a Turkey, a pan of French Fries, and the Kings of Leon

    Odd One Out?

    24 December, 2013

    Which is the odd-one out: gypsies, turkeys, french fries, or the Kings of Leon? It's a simple riddle, but...