Dan Q found GC6102Y Minecrafty 3 – Zombie

This checkin to GC6102Y Minecrafty 3 - Zombie reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Found via quick diversion from my expedition to the 2019-05-27 51 -1 geohashpoint nearby. I don’t often find myself on this side of the city and I was pleased to find a good-sized and well maintained geocache here, in a park I’d never visited! Initially I took 6 the wrong path and had to double back but soon knew where to look. TFTC, SL.

Geohashing expedition 2019-05-27 51 -1

This checkin to geohash 2019-05-27 51 -1 reflects a geohashing expedition. See more of Dan's hash logs.


Hashpoint appears to be at the very end of Bleache Place, a suburban cul-de-sac in South-East Oxford. Looks very close to, but not on, the driveway of number 15. Possibly a convenient nearby lamp post for possibly attaching a “the Internet was here” sign?



(So long as he can get enough of his coursework done to justify taking a break), Dan Q plans to cycle out to the hashpoint at some point during the day.


14:55 – okay, I’ve not finished as much of my coursework as I’d hoped, but I’ve finished enough that I can afford to take a break of a couple of hours to cycle out to the hashpoint, do a silly grin, put up a “The internet was here!” sign, and whatnot. Here we go!

15:58 – Success! Photos, tracklog, and details to follow. I’ve put a sign up so I wanted to put a message here for anybody who happens to see it and visit this page before I get home and finish writing-up!

Came home via geocache GC6102Y, safely home by 17:15 and back to studying!