Letter of Recommendation: Escape Rooms

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Think of all the ways you already insert pleasurable, circumscribed bursts of risk into your life. Maybe you watch horror movies, consume hot sauce, jaywalk. Maybe you pursue casual sex or steal Splenda packets from Starbucks or treat the speed limit as a cute suggestion. An escape game is like stacking these things atop one another and rounding out the itinerary with a medium-scary roller coaster. The panic is real even if the pressure is an illusion. You won’t die or get stuck in the 1980s if you fail to escape; an employee will simply unlatch the door and let you out with a “Better luck next time.”

As a big fan of escape rooms and the gaming experience they represent, I really enjoyed this NYT piece.

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Sorry it took me so long to get out here to check up on this cache; geocaching.com started disbelieving that my email address was valid and stopped sending me watchlist notifications for a while! Looks like the lid had become detached at some point (that can happen with this kind of container) but a subsequent cacher more-familiar with this kind of container reassembled it. Dried out the container a little, but the most-fragile contents were already safely ziplocked and silica-gelled and were all in serviceable condition already.

The fairies are all busy weatherproofing their homes for the winter, so I gave them a little help too.