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This month, I shared photos of a mystery box I discovered in a meeting room at work which turned out to be an adapter to a proprietary kind of 13A plug socket and developed a software tool which pixel-scrapes open mapping data to estimate what percentage of a given graticule (degree of latitude by degree of longitude) is covered with water, which could be expected to affect the challenge level for geohashers based in that graticule. This coincided with two consecutive-day geohashing expeditions of my own: one to East Adderbury (with accompanying vlog) where I met some cows and was served an unexpected number of eggs at a pub, and one to the South Downs National Park (with accompanying vlog, and via three geocaches: 1, 2, 3).

I also attended Oxford’s first ever IndieWebCamp and achieved a life goal when my local radio station asked me on-air to stop texting them puns.

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One off the #bucketlist this morning when local radio station @JACKfmOxford said, on-air, “Dan, please stop texting us puns.”