Dan Q found GLW4J9AE The Trout Trek

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A late journey home and a slight diversion brought me up the wonderful Thames Path through Binsey and up to here to find this brilliant cache. It took into the final 150m from the GZ that I realised that really: a bike was NOT the right mode of transportation for this one (see if you can spot my route in the attached photo)! Still I pressed on and got to within 50m of the GZ before having to leave my vehicle behind and brave the nettles, fence, and boggy ground.

Cache in bad condition: missing log and writing implement, mild damage to container. If it’s true that it’s been abandoned I’d be happy to adopt it to keep this great location and cache alive! I’m moderately local (my commute isn’t far away and I’m sometimes caught drinking at the Trout) and I have the perfect replacement container just sitting in my shed ready to go, so I’ll contact the CO.

TFTC. FP awarded. I’m so bored of yet-another-magnetic-nano or city-centre-puzzle that it was genuinely a treat to see a cache that ticks all the boxes of things I love best about the sport.

Cycle trail through the long grass.

Dan Q found GLW4J07A beware of margarets well

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Don’t know what previous DNFs are on about, this was an easy find in the second place I looked. Log too wet to write on, so I’ve taken one of the (many) spare logbook pages and made it into the shape of a letter D for Dan (pictured), then returned it to the cache, to show that I was here! Lovely spot. TFTC.


Dan Q found GLW4F6ZZ SQL-imination

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Solved the puzzle a while ago (well, I had a spreadsheet do the heavy lifting because, as a computer programmer, I’m fundamentally lazy and won’t do anything that I can make a computer do for me), but only today found the excuse to zip out to the GZ on a lunch break and log the cache. The cache is getting damp and I think the culprit might be a drip right above where I found it: to help keep it dry I’ve moved it about 10cm away from the “corner”, where it should get dripped on a little less. TFTC!