Dan Q found GLMC2CK5 Have you got the right equipment

This checkin to GLMC2CK5 Have you got the right equipment reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

When I first saw this appear I thought that I’d have the FTF in the bag this morning. After all: nobody would come out last thing on a Tuesday night to start a multicache series, would they? Hah.

Well, come the morning I saw that I’d been beaten and opted to, instead of tackling the rush hour traffic, come along for a leisurely lunchtime look-see. The first waypoint was easy: I’m already equipped for wardriving so I just drove my car past the place (I didn’t even have to stop!) and then checked my laptop later – sure enough, only one detected SSID looked anything like GPS coordinates. The second waypoint slowed me down: for some reason, it took my GPSr a good long time to latch on to the Chirp and get the data I needed. Next up was the NFC tag, which was an easy find in the third place I looked. And finally, on to the cache itself which the coordinates lead me straight to.

Fantastic to see people doing things a little beyond the norm: things that take a little effort. Thanks for fab little adventure this lunchtime, and for a nice little cache. FP awarded.