v95 adds comment-searching powers to help those of you who like to gild others “up” the chain

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I’ve just pushed out version 95; you can get it by telling Greasemonkey to update manually, or just wait a day or so and you’ll get it automatically. This release makes some minor CSS improvements to help make the tooltips visible even on awkward subreddits (still a long way to go, though), and also adds a powerful new tool that I hope will be useful to those of you who like to help your fellow MegaPeople to ascend the ladder.

Here’s an example. Suppose I enjoyed /u/glitzyjan‘s comment, sharing a video in /r/MegaMegaLounge, and would like to give them gold and help them climb the ladder. MMM tells me that /u/glitzyjan is already in /r/MegaLoungeV, so they’d probably appreciate my gold better if I were to go and give it to some arbritary post of theirs in /r/MegaLoungeV, but it’s a bit of a drag for me to go all the way through their post history just to find them saying something in /r/MegaLoungeV.

That’s where this new feature comes in: it does the searching for me. It’s not much faster than I am, but I can kick it off in a separate tab and then come back to it in a few minutes. First, I click the new MMM Options/Tools link in MegaMegaMonitor. Then I fill in the form to say that I’m looking for a post or comment by /u/glitzyjan in /r/MegaLoungeV and click Search. MegaMegaMonitor will then start exploring as fast as it can through /u/giltzyjan‘s post and comment history and reports back on what it sees. Like this!

It’s very rough around the edges right now, but I’ve been using it over here for the last couple of days and it functions, even though it’s ugly as sin, so I thought I’d share it with any of you that want to try it out, too. And if you don’t: well that’s fine too, just ignore it. But I think this new feature could be very useful for folks like me who sometimes like to reward good posters by gilding them in their highest lounge, rather than just where they produce the great content.

Tip: if you’re happy with the results you’ve got e.g. you’ve found what you’re looking for, click “Stop searching.” Or it’ll keep going until it’s read the entire post and comment history of your target, which will take a long time and will start to slow your computer down! This is a slow operation because I can’t pre-cache it all for you like I do the other parts of MMM (because I don’t know what you’re going to search for in advance!), but it should still be faster than doing it by hand, which many of us do already!

tl;dr: New tool lets you search for posts/comments made by a particular person in a particular subreddit. Great for chain-gilders.