Clarification on Rule 2? Can we even *mention* /r/The_Haven?

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[this was originally posted to a private subreddit]

Hi, /r/The_Haven. I’ve had a disagreement with our member /u/NOT_MEEHAN and wanted to get clarification from the community about the interpretation of Rule 2. It all started when I mentioned /r/The_Haven in this thread in the MegaMegaLounge, and /u/NOT_MEEHAN replied to say that I shouldn’t.

My interpretation of Rule 2 is that you can only tell people outside /r/The_Haven the following:

  1. That it exists (e.g. make inks to /r/The_Haven).
  2. That it’s “super legit and awesome” or “the best subreddit ever”.
  3. The stuff that appears on the “you’re not allowed in; here’s how to request access” page, which is publicly-visible anyway.

/u/NOT_MEEHAN disagreed with me, and suggested that specifically the first of those interpretations wasn’t true: i.e. that Rule 2 forbids even mentioning that /r/The_Haven exists. As a precaution, I immediately edited my comments to minimise disruption, but because I think that /u/NOT_MEEHAN‘s interpretation might be wrong, I thought I’d come here and ask you guys, the community (and moderators) for a ruling.

tl;dr: Does Rule 2 prohibit mentioning elsewhere on Reddit that /r/The_Haven even exists?

Review of Samsung Charger Pad

This review originally appeared on Amazon. See more reviews by Dan.

Works, but only with a little fiddling.

So on the upside: this works, and charging your phone “by magic” is exactly as cool as it sounds. It makes marginally longer to charge, but if you’ve got an S5 it’ll probably save you time in the long run because you don’t have to keep opening the waterproof seal at the bottom of your phone. Plus, this charger uses the Qi standard so it’ll be compatible with lots of other inductive-charging devices now and in the future.

Unfortunately I’ve found that it’s quite fussy about where exactly you have to place the phone in order to make contact. A centimetre or two out from the ideal spot and the phone keeps losing the connection and then regaining it, causing it to beep and the screen to flash (which isn’t much use if you’re trying to sleep!). The upper surface of the charging pad doesn’t have much grip and is convex in shape, so it’s very easy to knock your phone off the ideal spot, too. And while it’s reasonably price, it still feels a little cheap that it doesn’t come with a power supply of it’s own (you have to use the one that came with your phone).

All-in-all, I wouldn’t recommend this, even though it “works”: there are probably better devices out there.


Review of 4 Way 13A Switched Adaptor

This review originally appeared on Amazon. See more reviews by Dan.

Overall good, but not suitable for every space

Overall, a good way to get extra sockets especially above workspaces. However, the shape of the device means that it might not be suitable for every space: for example, if you plug it into one of a pair of sockets you might find that you’re unable to easily use the adjacent socket because the new sockets get in the way of the cable. And if you’re plugging and unplugging things into/out of this power strip often, you’ll discover that it can “wobble” in an alarming way. The power switches feel a little light and plasticky, too.

But still – overall a good idea and reasonable value.