Dan Q found GLFBZAPA Kirtlington Quarry

This checkin to GLFBZAPA Kirtlington Quarry reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

My original plan had been to come up here at the weekend to complete my 7 Souvenirs Of August, but after the sun made an unexpected reappearance this afternoon (I assumed we weren’t going to see it again until Spring!) I left my office in Oxford at bang-on 5pm and started cycling up the canal. Couldn’t have picked a nicer evening: bright but cool; quiet and tranquil.

Arrived at the old quarry at about a quarter past six and began to explore. What a wonderful old site, and with such a rich history of both industry and science: thanks for sharing!

Photo attached; FP awarded. Shall send an email when I’m back home and have pulled the requisite data off my GPSr.

Dan at Kirtlington Quarry