Dan Q found GLBJHQQG Ladybarn Canal

This checkin to GLBJHQQG Ladybarn Canal reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Harder than I might have expected to navigate my way around the winding paths and alleyways surrounding this courtyard – I found myself within 10 metres of the cache at one point, but on the wrong side of a fence and hedge, and had to walk all the way around the block before I found my way in!

Cache is overlooked by lots of houses, so a great deal of care was required so as not to attract the attention of muggles. Thankfully I’d come early on a Sunday morning, before most folks were up (I’d woken earlier than my colleagues at the conference centre where I’d spent the weekend, and thought I’d hit a local cache before breakfast).

Found it in the end, though: hurrah! Pencil’s looking a little blunt, and I didn’t have a sharpener, but managed to sign the log despite this. TFTC!