Dan Q found GLB6RQ5F Dear Fred…

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Is this really the most-famous visitor to Jersey? Didn’t Queen Victoria come here? Arguments about relative fame and influence aside, fleeblewidget and I were able to do most of our research on the Internet, and got her mother to find the stone and extract the numerals as we walked nearby. fleeblewidget‘s mother didn’t feel up to the trek up to the cache, so she stayed behind. Not having a map, fleeblewidget and I weren’t able to pinpoint the cache location by any more than its direction and distance, and we took a wrong turning and looped around about twice the distance we meant to before we found the path upon which the cache resides. Found it quite easily on the way back, despite distraction from a pretty noisesome thrush, singing his little heart out up the tree above. Lovely place for a cache. Thanks!

Log’s looking a little damp; I should’a brought some silica gel.

Dan Q found GLB6RPJ9 View over St Aubins

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Coming up having just found Not Much Room, we didn’t think to continue along the footpath and instead took the road, leading to a long double-back: whoops! Found the viewpoint easily (although recent tree growth has somewhat blocked the view), and – soon afterwards – the cache. Took a copy of the address of the Carstens in Nindorf to send them a postcard, and signed the log. TFTC.

Dan Q found GLB6RP12 Not much room?

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My 100th cache find turned out to be also my most-Southerly find so far, and also turned out to be a most-spectacular little hiding place. After walking up and down the path a bit with fleeblewidget and her mother, while our GPSrs got their bearings, we managed to pinpoint the location almost exactly, but we were still clueless. Eventually, it was fleeblewidget‘s mother – completely new to caching – who decided to investigate what turned out to be exactly what we were looking for! A most-wonderful cache; thanks!

Log full, unable to sign.