Dan Q found GL3C1T19 Pen y Bwlch

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I remember that when I was first a student at Aberystwyth I’d often come up here for a walk, and I never got out of breath then! ,Of course, we’re a decade later on, now, and – in my defence – I jogged most of the way up the steep, slippery slope from Trefechan beach to the plateau in a folly attempt to reach the cache before the sun set. More fool me! By the time my GPS said I was within even 200 metres it was near pitch-black, the little dwindling light in the sky dimmer by far than the streetlights of the town far below.

Found the cache without too much difficulty, but had quite a lot of difficulty extracting it: here’s a tip: if, like me, you have big hands, bring along a friend with smaller fingers. That’s all I’m saying (I had to manufacture some artificial “tiny fingers” out of sticks; yes, in the dark).

Anyway, in short – TFTC, it’s been years since I’ve been up here and I’m thankful for the excuse to have returmed. Now all I have to do is find my way down again without going over a cliff!!! (if you never see my log another cache, at least you have my last known coordinates)

UPDATE: made it down safely, now enjoying a (well-earned) pint of beer!

Dan Q found GL3C1F9C Rainbow Series Violet #2

This checkin to GL3C1F9C Rainbow Series Violet #2 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

TFTH. Finding this cache was easier than hiding it again afterwards – I got a splinter! Left something almost-violet, took nothing.

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